Pet, purr, smile, click!  That’s right, you too can be a part of an Extreme Animals Photo Session!  Enjoy cuddling or getting your face licked while our photographer (or yours) take some of the most incredible pictures ever!  It’s a wonderful opportunity to personally get some one-on-one time with our Animal Ambassadors while learning more about their quirky habits and natural habitats.  You also will have some beautiful pictures to display at home, share on social media orjust to show off to your friends. They also make one very cool Christmas card! 
Our Animal Ambassadors are routinely highlighted in our own photo shoots, commercial shoots and are regulars on weekly television shows.  They love the attention and we love to give it to them!  You can choose which animals you would like to pose with and we can offer guidance you during your shoot, ensuring you have a comfortable, fantastic experience.  For example, we realize that some people are afraid of the large snakes but since they are gorgeous in photos, might still want to use them.  Our trained handlers can set you in a pose and then arrange the animal in such a way that

you feel safe and secure, and still get an incredibly amazing photo! Shoots are perfect for that unique Senior photo, an exotic anniversary experience or just because you want an entirely different look for your family photo! Whatever your will LOVE the results! So, give us a call or email today for more details or if you would like to book your extremely adventurous photo experience today!    

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