Animal Superheroes like you’ve never seen before! Our newest program: Animals Unmasked will feature heroes of the wild for 2015 summer reading and 2015-2016 school assembly programs at your location.  Animal Heroes Unmasked will showcase exotic wildlife from all over the world that possess very unique superhero abilities. Enhanced adaptations for sight, sound, touch, strength and movement allow these animals to overcome impossible barriers.  

Our programs can be hands-on with lots of interaction (which we are famous for), hands-off or a combination of both.  Regardless of which style you choose, it will be the most extraordinary animal program you have ever experienced! Not only will you learn about the animals’ super powers, you will find out how you can be a superhero for animals in need.  You never know when the next animal conservationist might be sitting in the audience and conservation is the key to preserving our wildlife.

Extreme Animals is an Oklahoma based fully licensed and insured Zoo-to-You program that will educate in a wildly entertaining atmosphere. Our program is unique in that you are allowed to choose some of the super hero animals you want to see. Discounted rates are available for multiple shows, don’t forget we do teen programs too! Call or e-mail today to get your program set-up! Additional references from other librarians available on request.

Librarian Testimonial:
Over the years the library has had several entertainers and I have to say Extreme Animals was by FAR the most entertaining and educational program.  The children were amazed to see such beautiful animals from all around the world here in Oklahoma. The presenter did such a wonderful job at keeping the kids and parents entertained and excited that they didn’t even realize they were actually learning. This program was the largest participant turnout we have ever had and everyone has begged to have them back again! I really just can’t say enough good things about this organization!