Melissa has been handling exotic animals her whole life. Her father, a Game Warden, introduced her at a yound age, as her family was active in wildlife rehabilitation, It was about 17 years ago when she acquired a cougar as a pet that she knew her destiny was to be involved with animals. One of her best friends was Samson - an amazingly gentle, 600 lb. Bengal Tiger that she still misses to this day.
It is Melissa's belief that by interacting with animals they may never encounter in the wild, people gain respect & a desire to protect and promote the conservation & preservation of our planet's wildlife


What do snakes eat?

Rats, mice, rabbits, small mammals and sometimes other snakes.

Do Coatimundis have a good sense of smell?
Yes! They smell 10x's better than a dog!

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We have been exhibiting exotic animals for educational and entertainment purposes for several years, as well as participating in and facilitating animal rescue. We take animals that most other places don't have the room or experience for. All of our animals are handled daily by experienced handlers specifically trained to work with exotics AND children. Handlers have also been through educational courses on the animals in order for them to be well prepared when answering questions at schools, parties and other events. All of our animals are healthy, well cared for and kept in sanitary conditions. The term "spoiled" comes to mind when referring to several of our furry friends. We are fully licensed, liability insured and USDA accredited.