Time is ticking. Extinction is forever. Extreme Animals is dedicated to rescuing, preserving and conserving one of our planet's most precious resources: our wildlife! We believe that love, generosity and dedication on the part of we humans is likely, the only thing that will successfully change the fate of many endangered animals.

For many, rescue is the only option, but education and demonstration are crucial factors in changing the hearts and minds of people. Once a person encounters and learns about the the environments and behaviors of the animal life around them, fear is replaced with understanding and oftentimes, respect and love. The animals we care for are prime examples!
We bring the animals to you! There is NO limit to the number of guests you can have!
Parties, Petting Zoos and Events are very affordable & work with most any budget!
Your guests learn as they enjoy the antics & personalities of our awesome exotics!
We are currently, the ONLY Animal Program in OKC that carries Liability Insurance!

Wanna take a swim with DJ or Bubbles the Otters? We certainly think you "otter" give it a try!
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Meet Carlos, a Mollucan Cockatoo who came to us after living in a cage so small he couldn't even spread his wings. Craving attention but afraid of being loved on; he learned as we showed affection, not retaliation for his nips and bites, that he could trust us & can now give and receive love. He is one example of our many beloved rescues.